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(Help with CCTV camera systems)

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for CCTV camera systems
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I have some jackplug sockets on my TV but they are different colours to the jacks on the extension cable.

Modern TVs often do not have matching inputs for the AV plugs on an RCA extension cable with which you have been supplied.

First of all you need to know which plug is which:
The YELLOW jack carries the VIDEO signal,
The WHITE jack carries the MICROPHONE/AUDIO signal
The RED jack is for connecting to a power socket via the 12V/1a adapter unit.

But your TV may have inputs which are red, green, blue or black! If so you need to look for any writing by the input.
If an input has a Y, Pb or Pr written on it then it will probably work with the Yellow Video jack.
If an input has a treble clef sign it will be for the White microphone jack

Don't try to plug the red jack into your TV!

I simply don't have any jackplug sockets on my TV but I do have a scart input

You can run the camera via a Scart adapter. We have these for sale on our store website or you can source them on ebay.
AV to Scart adapters have a red input but this is for a second audio line, not for power so continue to connect the red jack on the extension into the power adapter in your wall power socket!

I don't have a scart or any jackplug sockets on my TV

Some of the latest TVs have neither scart nor AV sockets.
There isn't much we can do to get your camera connected in this circumstance - we have not yet found an adapter on the market that will feed into a TV without some sort of audio visual input other than usb or hdmi sockets.

If you have one of our cctv camera nestboxes and cannot connect it to your TV we can only offer either an exchange for a webcamera nest which feeds into a laptop or pc or to accept its return for a refund. In any case please get in touch with us by phone (01503 263316) or email to discuss your options.

I wanted a wireless system!

We regret that we don't sell wireless camera systems at this point in time despite high demand.
Having done some experimentation we found the reasonably priced versions to be rather unreliable with regards to staying tuned in on the TV.
Many buyers were also not aware that, although these cameras transmit a wireless signal to the TV the camera needs a power supply. As no wires are going indoors this requires an outdoor socket or a very reliable battery pack.
We are watching for new developments in technology and will update our offering when possible!

I want to plug my cctv camera into my laptop to make recordings of the birds.

The first option is to get an adapter to make the cctv camera work on a pc - we sell these on our store website
However, if your main intention is to watch birds nesting on a laptop or pc, you might be better off exchanging the box you have for a webcamera system. This will give true colour whereas cctv only gives muted colours. If this seems a good idea then contact us at or ring 01503263316.

I am not seeing any colour from the camera in my nestbox

We are sorry that your camera is not showing colour images.  Sadly. with our basic cctv camera (around 400 - 500 TVL) we cannot guarantee real colour images which is why we state in all our product descriptions that the camera will only produce a colour picture in bright light conditions and, even then, it may seem a litte "washed out", the camera reverting automatically to showing infra red (monochrome) when the light is less than bright. 

Birdboxview’s main aim is to make affordable camera nestboxes so that anyone can experience the pleasure of seeing birds in their nests (and other wildlife) without a major outlay. To this end we originally only offered webcamera systems which we prefer for their realism and ability to easily record footage. However, over the first 3 years of trading we had so many requests to exchange systems for cameras that plug and play on a TV that we started selling this system too.

We do have stock of 700TVL cameras on sale. These give clearer images and noticeably better colour results but are a little more expensive. If you would like to part-exchange the camera in your current system for this one please message us about this.

If you have a 700TVL camera in your nestbox and are getting no colour even though the box is not sited in a particularly dark corner of your garden then there may be a problem with the camera so please contact us at to get this sorted!

Finally, we must admit that there are companies in a higher stratum of the market than us who offer nestboxes with very high spec cctv cameras (1000TVL and above) which will guarantee excellent picture and colour results. You have the option up to 60 days from purchase to return your nestbox to us for a refund and then buy again from another source.

My problem is not covered above Please give Keith or Rachel a call on 01503 263316 or email and we will be happy to help!
for CCTV camera systems
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